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Francesca Secchi

Born in Rome Italy, Francesca Secchi studied paintings conservation at the Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro, Rome, specialising in the conservation of modern and contemporary paintings, with a Masters’ at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, Florence. She has worked as a Lecturer in several universities across Italy and has been involved in important projects for private and public art institutions in several Italian cities, in Madrid and Valencia, and in London where she has been based since 2016. Here she works as a freelance Conservator for private galleries, collections and the Tate Gallery.

Daily surrounded by art, her work is influenced by the strong and bright colours of contemporary paintings, in particular Pop Art, and inspired by the natural world. Her abstract forms and always dynamic shapes are evocative of her inner-self and her observation and contemplation of natural phenomena and forms. Vortices, spirals and undulated lines, painted on paper or ceramic, or engraved on linoleum, seem to suggest the constant movement of rivers and oceans, the changing sound of the wind through rocks or foliage and the importance of re-connecting our busy lives in the metropolis to nature.

Fascinated by London’s multiculturalism, she believes in the importance of strongly identify ourselves in our own cultural roots before being able to embrace other cultures with positivity, adding new values to a fruitful personal development.


Recognising her Sardinian roots, and Sardinia being a land of great ceramists from the Nuragic to the contemporary era, Francesca has more recently started experimenting with painting on ceramic as a new possibility of expressing her creativity.

Each piece is hand painted, unique, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Available in different colours and sets – contact info@modernartchester.com for further information.


The theme of the tree made Francesca think about the value and importance of cultural roots, hers being strongly related to Sardinia; the land of origin of her maternal family and a place she feels deeply connected to.

In creating these works, she thought about the majestic secular olive trees of Sardinia with their tough and gnarled roots. Francesca believes that only if our inner roots are firm and well anchored to the ground, our personal growth and development can be positive and fruitful. The expansion of branches and leaves represents our opening to the outside world, towards an increasingly multicultural reality.

The Linocuts can be printed in any of the colours depicted and can be purchased as a set of 4. Please email info@modernartchester.com for further information.


  • ‘ThREE’ – Thotel, Cagliari – 2013
  • Tate Staff Biennale
  • Solo exhibition at the gallery MICRO Arti Visive, Rome – 2021



Artwork for Sale:

Hand painted card 6

£12  |  Francesca Secchi

Hand painted card 1

£12  |  Francesca Secchi

Hand painted card 10

£12  |  Francesca Secchi

Hand painted card 2

£12  |  Francesca Secchi

Hand painted card 4

£12  |  Francesca Secchi

Hand painted card 5

£12  |  Francesca Secchi

Hand painted card 7

£12  |  Francesca Secchi

Hand painted card 8

£12  |  Francesca Secchi

Hand painted card 9

£12  |  Francesca Secchi

Branches I

£110  |  Francesca Secchi

Branches II

£110  |  Francesca Secchi

Branches III

£110  |  Francesca Secchi

Circular dish

£115  |  Francesca Secchi

Espresso cup & saucer

£45  |  Francesca Secchi


£40  |  Francesca Secchi

Square dish

£85  |  Francesca Secchi


£200  |  Francesca Secchi


£120  |  Francesca Secchi

Vase with handles

£140  |  Francesca Secchi