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My Campbell

Artist’s statement:

Although my birth name is Marion, I am known as My Campbell, born in Crosby, Liverpool.  For many years, my husband & I shared our time living between Cheshire, Abersoch and Spain. For the last seven years both our home and my studio have been situated in Malpas.

Through my art, I strive to capture the essence of these contrasting environments and distil them into visual expressions that transcend traditional representation. Layers serve as the foundation of my artistic expression, both conceptually and visually. They symbolize the intricate layers of existence, capturing the nuances and richness of life itself.  Each layer represents a chapter of my personal narrative, weaving together memories, emotions, and the captivating beauty that has shaped my artistic vision.

My artistic process is driven by the interplay of intuition and intention. I embrace the spontaneous energy of the creative moment, allowing my subconscious to guide the initial gestures on the canvas. Through a process of experimentation, refinement, and constant dialogue with the work, I uncover hidden narratives and unveil the complex layers of meaning embedded within each piece.

Whether it be a burst of vibrant colour or a subtle whisper of textures, my aim is to evoke an emotional response, to spark a connection that transcends the boundaries of language and culture.


Artwork for Sale:

Series 4 A

£65  |  My Campbell

Series 4 A B C

£175  |  My Campbell

Series 4 B

£65  |  My Campbell

Series 4 C

£65  |  My Campbell

Untitled 1

£1050  |  My Campbell

Untitled 2

£750  |  My Campbell

Untitled 4

£750  |  My Campbell

Artwork Sold:

I left you a message

£1200  |  My Campbell